Not All Fish Oil Supplements Are Worth Your Money

Not All Fish Oil Supplements Are Worth Your Money

If you have been advised by a doctor to start taking fish oil supplements or just want to provide that extra health boost on your own, you may be worried about issues such as mercury content. Learning how to select a supplement properly can eliminate not only that worry, but a few others as well.

Where the fish you consume comes from is something to think about, whether you are taking oil supplements or just eating fresh fish a few times a week. You may assume fish are just fish, but this is not the case.

If you assume that fish are just taken fresh from the ocean you may be surprised to learn that there are fish farms these days. Fish that come from these “farms” are more likely to have impurities which can be passed on to your body through your supplements.

Also, you have to consider the type of fish that are used. Some fish such as tuna have higher mercury content than others.

Cod liver oil is the best type, especially when purchased in a pure liquid form. This is not as easy to find and may run a little higher than other supplements, but knowing exactly where the fish came from is well worth it.

Purity is very important! It is not necessarily true that a supplement not labeled specifically as 100% pure is bad, but you do want to do some research into different brands to ensure you purchase one that is reasonably pure. Chances are the cheapest brands at the supermarket are not going to be your most pure options.

Most people end up taking large capsules that are hard to swallow, but this is not the only option. Liquid form fish oil tends to be more pure, though it doesn’t have the most appetizing taste ever. If you really want to ensure you get all of the health benefits possible, go for 100% pure cod liver oil liquid.

One idea for getting it down and even getting children to take it willingly is to mix frozen fruit and juice in the blender and add it in. You can also add it into milkshakes or other types of smoothies for a delicious treat packed with an extra spike of health.

The mental and physical benefits of taking fish oil supplements on a regular basis have been proven over and over for adults as well as children. It is one supplement that the entire family should be taking, unless you already eat fish at three or more times a week.